04 October 2015

Sunday self-portraits: Park Life

On my arty walk in the park, I also took lots of self-portraits! Taking self-portraits with a cool mural was on my list of photographic challenges I wanted to try, and I also thought it would be fun to take photos with the hippos.

In the past I've hardly ever taken self-portraits outside my own garden (except for phone selfies, of course!), so I was a little nervous of taking them in a public place. I started by taking photos with the pillars, which are at the top of a hill with good views in all directions, so I could keep an eye out for anyone coming.
Then I moved on to the hippos, where I also had a good view of anyone coming, but it was really impossible to avoid people seeing what I was doing! So I just relaxed and had fun, and didn't worry about what passers-by were thinking!
The main problem was that it was really far too bright to be taking photos, so it was difficult to get some good ones, although it was a bit easier in the shaded areas at the mosaic and mural.
It was fun to get my first photo on one of the hippos since childhood! I also have great memories of sitting on them with my friends at lunchtimes when we were at high school. I discovered that it's a lot more difficult to climb up on one than I'd remembered!

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