02 October 2015

An arty walk in the park

Here in Glenrothes we're lucky enough to have many pieces of town art, and many of these are to be found in Riverside Park. I had beautiful weather during my holidays last month, so one day I headed off to the park to take some photos.

Above is an artwork called Heritage, which consists of lots of white columns. It used to be at the shopping centre, but it was moved to the park a few years ago.

The hippos are some of the most-loved pieces of town art in Glenrothes. As well as those in the park there are more in other areas of Glenrothes. Some of the hippos have been painted, but I prefer them like this, in their natural state. Nearly everyone who grew up here has had a photo taken sitting on top of a hippo, and I was glad to see some families continuing this tradition when I was there.
This mosaic is a fairly new addition to the park, and this was the first time I'd seen it. As well as the famous hippos and mushrooms, there are many other Glenrothes landmarks depicted in it.

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