29 June 2015

This month I have been mostly...

I went to Edinburgh early in the month, where I visited the Edinburgh College of Art degree show, the Pringle exhibition at the museum, had lunch at the Mosque Kitchen, and got my makeup done at the Urban Decay counter. The next day I went to a Jacobite re-enactment at Falkland Palace. And I spent a lovely evening at local shop Love Restored.

Danish drama 1864, The Truth about your Teeth on BBC1, The Musketeers which my Mum has got on DVD, and, of course, the new series of The Clangers! Which might just be inspiring some craft projects soon, stay tuned for that!

I've just finished the TUC Health and Safety Reps Stage 1 course.

Listening to:
I bought Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance by Belle and Sebastian, so I've been listening to that whenever I can convince myself to take God Help the Girl out of the CD player in the car! I've also got a bit hooked on Cambodian Space Project after watching a documentary about them.

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