23 June 2015

Love Restored

Last Thursday I spent the evening at Love Restored, a wonderful independent local retailer which sells restored furniture and hand crafted goods. This shop, which had been open for over 2 years in Kirkcaldy's Merchant's Quarter, is one of my favourite destinations for birthday and Mothers' Day presents! It is owned by the very talented Lorraine and Nadia, who are also incredibly lovely and extremely welcoming to anyone who visits their shop, and always take a keen interest in the home decor and craft projects their customers are up to. Lorraine and Nadia have an amazing vision for the future of their business, which they revealed in a film.
They are moving to larger premises right at the centre of Kirkcaldy High Street later this year, which will not only have the restored furniture and gifts they are known for, but also lovely fabrics for your home decor projects. They are being very generous in their success by planning a space within their shop where local makers can market and sell their own goods, in the hope that this will raise these other makers up to the stage that they could open their own shops and further regenerate the High Street. They're also planning an area for running their workshops on furniture restoration and other home decor projects.
In order to do this, they are looking for help with their Crowdfunder campaign. They've only got until the 16th of July to raise the money they need, or they won't get any of what's been pledged, so please consider helping out this fantastic local business!
I had a lovely evening at Love Restored, and met lots of interesting and friendly people. There was a great selection of food to eat, with sandwiches, cakes, popcorn and much more, all beautifully displayed on the restored furniture. The film was a lot of fun to watch, and we all had a great time taking photos with a selfie stick!

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