13 March 2015

Retrocraft: Lavender bags

While I was tidying I came across some of these lavender bags languishing at the bottom of my underwear drawer! Now that the drawer has been tidied, they are in a much more prominent position.
Two of these, the white ones with embroidered flowers on them, were made when I was a teenager, so they are very retro!
And the fat fluffy cat one is even older - my childhood friend Claire bought it for me as a tenth birthday present. It's long since lost its scent, but I love it so much that I'd never throw it away.
The others, the blue bag and owl, were made a few years back from lavender that my brother and sister-in-law brought back from their holidays.
Lavender bags are really easy to make from fabric scraps, and are a great sewing project for a beginner. I think that the blue one is the most successful design, because the ribbon can be untied and the bag refilled when the lavender has lost its scent.

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