12 March 2015

Work in progress: Gallery wall

One of the things I'm looking forward to most when I've finished painting my bedroom is creating a gallery wall. The idea of having a pure white empty wall that I can fill with my choice of pictures is so inspiring!
A gallery wall is something I've always thought of doing in the bedroom, but I used to think that all the frames would have to match. But now I realise that a gallery wall can look just as stylish with an eclectic mixture of frames, so I'm hoping this is a project I can achieve without having to spend too much money.
So I've already started looking through all my pictures to find out which I'd like to use. I'm hoping to use a mixture of vintage pictures, my own artwork, postcards, and other items. It's fun trying to work out which pictures and which frames will look best together, but I won't make any final decisions until I lay them all out on the bed in the finished room to see how it will all work.

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