14 March 2015

Innocent smoothie hats

For the past few year I've been searching in vain for Innocent smoothies with hats on (they do it once a year for charity), but this year I've finally had some success. I found the last one in Boots one week (the yellow and blue one), and then the next week I happened to be in Asda when there must have just been a new delivery - I struggled to choose just two! And I heard many other shoppers exclaiming with joy when they saw them just as I did (admittedly most of those shoppers were children!).

I finally chose an amazingly cute pineapple hat, and a raspberry-pink hat with a tiny stripe around it and a huge fluffy pompom on top.

The hats are ever so slightly large for Petite Blythe dolls, but depending on the hat they sometimes work. And they also make cute hats for my kokeshi and Momiji dolls! It's also fun to see all the different designs and take inspiration from them.

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