06 March 2015

Magazine origami

Magazines are a great source of brightly coloured, cheap paper for craft projects, and one of the things you can do with them is origami!
1. Gather your magazines, and choose some brightly coloured or patterned pages. It works best if both sides of the paper have interesting designs.
2. Trim off any raw edges or parts of the page you don't want.

3. Fold over one corner diagonally, and trim the paper off. This forms a square.
4. Choose your origami pattern and get folding!

I chose a simple fortune-teller / salt-cellar design, which just involves folding all four corners to the centre, flipping it over and doing the same, then opening out the flaps. A simple design like this is quite forgiving if you haven't trimmed the paper perfectly square! Just be careful not to rip the paper, as it is quite thin.

These would be fun to put on your desk as desk tidies!

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