08 March 2015

I love... cherry blossom!

Because of my love of Japan, cherry blossoms are among my favourite flowers! I have cherry trees in my front and back gardens, and I photograph cherry blossoms wherever I see them.
On my first trip to Japan I bought Guerlain's Cherry Blossom gold sparkles perfume, and I've been obsessed with finding other cherry blossom perfumes ever since! When I went to China I found the Guerlain Cherry Blossom delight and fruity, and I've bought L'Occitane and Body Shop cherry blossom scents too. And I've lost track of how many cherry blossom shower gels and air fresheners I've had!

I bought a couple of cherry blossom rubber stamps in Kyoto.

I keep my most precious things in this tin with a picture of a girl and her cat surrounded by cherry blossom. The box in front of it has apple blossom on it, but that's close enough to cherry blossom for me! I found it when clearing my gran's house.

Cherry blossom is one of my favourite subjects for cards, and I've painted an egg with cherry blossom too.
And the cherry blossom perfume bottles are among my favourite things to draw - I've done dozens of drawings of them!

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