21 March 2015

Crafts for when you're feeling unwell

A recent bout of the cold got me thinking about what crafts are easy to do in bed when you are not feeling well! Here are some of the ideas I came up with.

Sewing is a good choice, expecially if it's a project that you've already started (saves having to get out of bed to cut out the material). So continuing a bigger project like a patchwork cushion would be a good idea, and is exactly what I did. Or you could mass-produce some felt brooches. Just be careful not to lose the needle or pins in bed!

Crocheting is one of my favourite crafts to do in bed, and you can even do it from quite a horizontal position if you don't feel up to propping yourself up with pillows. Granny squares or granny hexagons are light and portable, and it doesn't take long to do one in between naps. Try making this granny hexagon cushion, for example. Knitting is also an option, but needs more of a sitting up position.
If you work on a tray, you can do some simple paper crafts, like these cards, or a bit of origami  (using the pages of some magazines that are probably strewn around you anyway, if you're anything like me when I'm ill). Drawing is another simple thing to do in bed. You can either do drawings of the things around you, or make sketches of your ideas for upcoming craft projects.

You could bend some pieces of wire to make earrings or a hair comb, but leave the addition of nail polish to these until you're back at a desk!

If you're not feeling up to crafting, you could read a good book, watch some of your favourite TV, or write a diary. Look after yourself if you're feeling ill, get plenty of sleep, and you could also try one of my favourite cold remedies!

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