20 February 2015

Recently thrifted

A new charity shop opened in town recently, a furniture shop run by the Salvation Army, and I finally got round to going for a look!

I was really pleased to find a few amazing things! First I had a look at a couple of retro mirrors, couldn't make up my mind, and will go back for a look at them another day. Then I saw two wooden shelving units, each triangular with three shelves. I didn't know where I would use them, but I had to have them! I also found a small thimble rack, and then I spotted the vintage Lotus Pottery bull to match my fat bird ornament!
I headed for the checkout, not knowing how much any of the items cost! But I discovered that the shelving units were only £3 each, and the other things were only 50p each! The bull's horns are slightly damaged, but I can't complain at that price!

I love the shelving units. I always like seeing ladders used as shelving for plants indoors, like this one on A Beautiful Mess, but I didn't have space in my house for that. However, the shelves are almost a miniature version. They are intended for going on the wall, and I probably will put one on the wall eventually, but by cutting the bottom part of the wooden struts off they neatly sit on a tabletop! 
This means they can be used for temporary displays anywhere around the house. And if I want to wall mount, I can drill the lower mounting holes between the bottom two shelves, as the holes are in the bit I'm cutting off. I managed to hide that part down the back of the desk when I was taking these photos!

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