18 February 2015

Beehive hair comb

Here's how to make a padded comb that can be used for a beehive or for other hairstyles that require a bit of height.

This project started when I tried to follow the fantastic beehive hair styling tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, and had a complete disaster! The padded ball just kept falling out of my hair while I was trying to pull the hair over the top! Maybe my hair was too freshly washed, or not backcombed enough, but I just couldn't make it stay there!

So I decided to work from their starting point, of a bath scrunchie (or whatever those things are called) covered with fabric, and add a method of attaching it to the hair.
You'll need a bath scrunchie, fabric in a similar colour to your hair, a comb, thread, and hot glue.

The great news is that your sewing skills don't have to be very neat, as it will all be hidden under your hair!

1. Cut a square of fabric large enough to fit around the scrunchie.
2. Sew it into a tube and stuff the scrunchie inside.
3. Sew the ends of the tube shut.
4. Sew a comb to the back.
5. Add a line of hot glue to secure the comb.

I still need a bit of practice at making the perfect beehive hairstyle, mind you!

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