22 February 2015

Hair chain

This is the simplest project ever here on emuse! It doesn't even take a minute!

All you'll need is a length of chain (or an old necklace, like I used) long enough to reach across the top of your head, and two hair grips. You'll need another two hair grips to secure it, though.

1. Attach one hair grip to each end of the chain (if you're using a necklace, double it up like I did).

And that's really all there is to it, one step!
To attach it to your head, place one of the hairgrips at one side of your head, angling slightly upwards. Cross another hair grip across the first one. Bring the chain across the top of your head and do the same at the other side of your head with the other hair grips.

A variation is to have the two halves of the loop sit on top of your head like a crown!

1 comment:

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