01 February 2015

Recently thrifted

Last month I had a fantastic day of great clothing finds in the charity shops!

My first find was this vintagey-looking cotton sun-dress, which cost £4.99. It doesn't have a brand name on it, but it does have a black label with no writing on it. Otherwise I'd have thought it was handmade, as there is some hand stitching around the neck and armholes. I like how it is asymmetric, with the three buttons on the shoulder at one side. The bow that is tied at the other side is probably meant to be a belt, but I quite liked it like this, which is how it was on the hanger in the shop. I like the length, the colours and the pattern.

This dress is a Monsoon one, so I couldn't really refuse it for just £3! It's a lovely dress for wearing in the evening, but I think it would work for wearing to work, with a pair of purple tights and a cardigan. And I found the perfect necklace to match in New Look's sale the same day, also £3!

Finally, a proper vintage dress! I love the colours, it's a dusky pink with sprigs of purple and emerald green. The neckline needs altered as it's too tight, then I will decide what to do with the length and the sleeves. Once Mum and I have finished with it, it should be more 1940s tea dress than 1980s frumpy dress!

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