29 January 2015

Tunnock's Teacake brooches

This is a project that has already appeared as a guest post on Scot Bloggers.

If you watched the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, you would have seen what inspired me to make these - the giant dancing Tunnock's Teacakes! These are a delicious treat that will be familiar to all my Scottish readers, with a biscuity base topped with mallow and enclosed in chocolate.

Here's how I made my brooches. It was quite a challenge to simplify the design enough to make them possible to make quickly, but still be recognisable.
1. Cut two circles of grey felt, and a smaller circle of red felt.
2. Embroider red lines across one of the grey circles.
3. Sew a red circle on top of this, using a running stitch in white thread around the edge. Then embroider an eight-pointed star in the middle.
4. Use blanket stitch to sew around the edge, leaving about an inch so you can stuff it.
5. Stuff, and finish sewing around the edge with blanket stitch.
6. Sew a brooch back on.

These sold like hot cakes at my craft sale! I loved seeing people's smiles of delight when they saw them! I had to go home and make more that weekend as lots of people were asking for more.

I presented them by putting them on yellow card, with my logo stamped in red, matching the colours of the Tunnock's packaging.

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