28 January 2015

Decorated tins and boxes

I've featured quite a few ideas for decorating tins, boxes and other containers over the years, so I thought I would bring some of them together in this post.

Above is a memory box that won me a prize in a local flower show. It's a chocolate box decorated with scrapbook papers.

It's really easy to decorate all sorts of boxes and tins, no matter what they are made of. As long as the surface is flat, you can use pretty papers and glue or Mod Podge to make them look completely different.

 Tiny tin with a tiny scrapbook showing the famous people I've met

Lots of tins
Birdie tin

Decorated matchbox

Tins decorated with origami paper

And more tins decorated with origami paper

Rectangu-robin started out as the box that my business cards came in!

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