26 January 2015

2015 photography challenges

I bought a great book, Photocrafty, just after Christmas, and it gave me all sorts of ideas for photography challenges! So I've made a big list of things I'd like to try, some of them from Photocrafty, some of them from the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, some of them from elsewhere, and some that I dreamed up by myself. I'm sure I won't get anywhere near doing all of these this year, but it'll be fun to see how many I can do and tick them off!

They are not in any logical order, just the order that they occurred to me in! And I may add more as the year goes on.

I've already ticked off two on the list, to take self portraits holding my vintage suitcase and a vintage camera from my parents' collection. I used some Photoshop actions on the photos to make them look more vintage, and I love how it makes the shed door, my dress and the suitcase all look the same colour.

1. Self portrait with a cool mural
2. Bokeh shapes using black card
3. Self portrait in a vintage style holding old camera (done!)
4. Food photography inspired by the Istanbul cookbook I got Dad
5. Chiaroscuro style still-life
6. Shadows (of me or other things)
7. Shutter zoom
8. For a day, photograph items of one colour
9. Cut-paper silhouette from a profile photo
10. Flipped reflection
11. Collect photos of letters and numbers
12. Use a toy/disposable camera
13. Panning
14. 50 shots of one thing
15. Macro photos
16. Recreate a vintage family photo
17. Recreate a famous painting
18. Photograph an event
19. Shoot from the hip for a day
20. Use a large picture frame in self portraits
21. Photograph a landscape or townscape in a glass ball
22. Make a cool backdrop from paper or fabric
23. Vibration of liquid on an old speaker
24. Light sensitive paper
25. Use scanner to photograph items
26. Abstract photos
27. Hockney style montage
28. Pinhole photography
29. Make fish eye lens from door security viewer
30. Make and use a ring flash
31. Homemade stereoscope
32. Take photos through a vintage camera
33. Make a diffuser for pop-up flash
34. Use orange gel or sweet wrapper on flash to mimic the golden hour
35. Spirograph style photos of a torch
36. Photograph the scene of an old photo and merge the two
37. Self portrait with vintage suitcase (done!)
38. Pick up items on a walk and photograph them
39. Self portrait with battery xmas lights
40. Backlit self portrait
41. Jumping photos
42. Selective coloured photos
43. Self portraits for a month (hands, feet, details)
44. Diptychs/Triptychs
45. Use the A Beautiful Mess app to add fun elements to photos
46. Photo from above
47. Upside-down self portrait
48. Interesting costumes and makeup (inspired by Kevin Aucoin makeup book)
49. Black and white photos
50. Self portraits with silly string or coloured powders
51. Self portraits inspired by Little Paris Kitchen cookbook
52. Free lensing
53. Use a CD drive lens as a smartphone macro lens
54. Buy and use a Holga turret
55. Buy and use a selfie stick with phone
56. Buy and use some iphone lenses

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