22 December 2014

Triangle tree

Do you remember the Charles Rennie Mackintosh triangle stamps I made back in July? Well, here's another way I came up with to use them, this time on a Christmas theme!

I fell in love with the illustrations in a book called The Fir Tree, which was illustrated by Sanna Annukka, and I thought it would be fun to replicate her style with my triangle stamps. These stamps are very easy to carve from erasers.
I chose a green background colour that was similar to the book cover, then used a darker green and a mustard colour to stamp with.
I started by drawing a triangle shape in pencil, using one of the stamps to get the angle correct at the top, then I used the stamps to fill in this outline. I used each stamp to create a row, but varied the orientation of the stamps, so that some rows had the points upwards, and some down.

I also drew a circle up at the top, and filled this in with triangles and a square.

This print is fun to display with Christmas ornaments, or the design could also be used on Christmas cards.

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