21 December 2014


I’ve made tiny peg dolls like these before, but I made these ones a little more special with their furry hoods! Whether you call them Mini Inuit, Tiny Eskimos, or, as one of my customers called them, little Santas, they are a really cute addition to your Christmas tree!

1. Saw off the peg near the point that the legs attach.

2. Drill a small hole at the top and screw a small hook in.

3. Stick some washi tape to paper. Punch out or cut out circles from the tape about 1cm diameter. Stick the tape to the face of the doll.

4. Paint the doll all over in one colour.

5. Wind a white pipe-cleaner around a peg. Cut it into circles.

6. Paint faces on the dolls using black, red and pink paint. I used a cocktail stick to paint the eyes and mouths.

7. Put a thin line of hot glue around the edge of a doll's face, leave for ten or twenty seconds so it's not super-hot, and press a pipe-cleaner circle to it.

8. Cut lengths of pretty twine, and tie these to the hooks.

These were a real hit at my little craft fair at work, and I came home that evening and immediately started making more! I think they would also look cute painted in a white glitter finish.

I love how each one seems to have its own particular personality, because of the hand-painted faces.


elhadadepapel.com said...

super cute!

Anonymous said...

So adorable. Thanks for the tutorial!

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