19 September 2014

Plastic canvas and nail polish earrings

This is the final post in my series on making earrings from plastic canvas, and probably my favourite, because of the unusual substance used to make them - nail polish!

1. Cut the canvas to size.
2. Use sandpaper to smooth the cut edges.
3. Draw your design out on squared paper. I took inspiration from the Peruvian Inca cross symbol for my design.

4. Dot some nail polish in one of the holes in the plastic canvas. You may have to experiment on a scrap piece to get the right amount on the brush. You need enough that the surface tension will cause the nail polish to fill the hole, but not so much that it overflows the area you are putting it in.

5. Allow to dry thoroughly. If the nail polish you use is quite transparent, you can get a stained-glass effect!

6. Bend a loop at the end of a piece of wire, and thread the canvas on.
7. Thread a bead on, and make a loop at the other end, so you can attach it to a kidney wire.
Why not take a look at my other plastic canvas earrings:
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Why not try combining some of these techniques to create your own designs!

1 comment:

Ohhh Snap said...

I have a LOT of white plastic canvas, so I'm going to try Alcohol Inks on some. Thanks for the inspiration!

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