16 September 2014

Plastic canvas earrings

I had a sheet of plastic canvas, which I'd had for many, many years. I can't even remember why I originally bought it! But I was seized with some sudden inspiration, and these earrings were one of the results!

These earrings are really quick and easy to make! Here's what to do:

1. Cut the canvas to size.
2. Use sandpaper to smooth the cut edges.
3. Bend a loop at the end of a piece of wire, and thread the canvas on.
4. Thread a bead on, and make a loop at the other end, so you can attach it to a kidney wire.

Although these earrings are very simple, there are endless variations possible! Come back for the next three days to see some more plastic canvas earring ideas!

1 comment:

Randissen said...

This is why, you should never throw anything out as trash ;o) Especially crafting-supplies, weird stuff found in your dad's workshop etc.

Those are really cute

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