20 September 2014

Word patterned paper

I've got quite a few sets of alphabet rubber stamps, and, while I love them, it would be a bit time-consuming to use them to repeatedly stamp a word! So I've come up with a simple technique to make it much easier and quicker, and used it to create my own patterned paper!
1. Choose the letters of your word. If a letter is repeated, you'll need to use stamps from different sets. Making them all different would give a cool ransom-note style effect!
2. Arrange the stamps in order, and align them so all the stamping surfaces are in line (the tops of the stamps may be different heights if they come from different sets).

3. Using an elastic band or hair tie, bind the stamps together. If you're doing a longer word, you might need a small thin piece of wood at each side too.
4. Use your word to stamp repeatedly on a piece of plain paper or card. Rotate the paper so you can stamp at different angles. A rainbow ink pad works really well for this.
You could also use this technique to stamp your name in all your notebooks, or to stamp a short greeting in your Christmas cards. I've also used the same technique with two cherry blossom stamps, one solid and one outline, to create a repeating pattern - I aligned the outline one over the previous solid impression.

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