27 July 2014

Glasgow Rose studs

Following on from last week's stained glass style Glasgow Rose earrings, here are some stud earrings, also with a Glasgow Rose motif, which were quick and easy to make.

1. Marble together various colours of pink and red polymer clay.
2. Roll out.

3. Using a small circular cutter, make discs of clay.
4. Using the edge of the cutter, make three markings to represent the petals.

5. Bake the clay.

6. Paint some liquid clay on the back of the rose.
7. Roll a small ball of clay and place this on an earring back.
8. Smooth the ball of clay over the liquid clay, attaching the earring back to the rose (or you could glue the earring back on instead). Then bake again.

1 comment:

Caitlin @ teaspoon said...

Super cute! They look simple enough, now I need to get me some clay!

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