26 July 2014

No-sew bow!

Here's a quick and easy way to change up your outfits - an easy to make no-sew bow that only uses two items and just takes a minute!

To make the bow you'll need:
A scarf or fabric or ribbon
A safety pin
You can use many different types of fabric for this, but I'd recommend something quite light. For the lilac one I used a scrap piece of satin fabric about 20" x 55", for the white/red and black polka dot ones scarves of about 45" x 4", and for the plain black one a piece of 1 inch wide ribbon about 55" long.

1. Tie a bow in the middle of the fabric/ribbon/scarf
If you're using satin fabric or other fabric that has a right and wrong side, you may have to twist it as you tie the bow to ensure the right side is showing.

2. Push a safety pin through the back of the knot
You can use various sizes of pin depending on the width/ thickness of the fabric (I used a nappy pin for the lilac one).

3. Pin to the neck of your top/dress/shirt. I think it works best with a Peter Pan collar.

The great thing is that you are not damaging the scarf, so you can still use it in other ways!

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