28 July 2014

Visiting Charles Rennie Mackintosh

I decided to take a quick trip to one of the closest Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs to where I live - a gravestone at East Wemyss cemetery that he designed. I'd never been to see it before, even though it's only a short drive from home. It was a pleasant day for a wander around the cemetery, and I found the grave quite easily from the directions in the book I have (Visiting Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Roger Billcliffe, it's an excellent book). 

The grave is for Alexander Orrock Johnston. It is really unusual in shape, wide with protruding areas at each side, and an oval in the middle with a dove above it. The inscription has been covered by a copper replacement, as it was becoming eroded, but I actually love the copper with its beautiful mint green verdigris. The lettering is beautiful on the inscription.

I also visited another Mackintosh design, which is in Glasgow. The Queen Margaret College building had been, until recently, enclosed in another building and hidden from view. Now it is visible again, but unfortunately it's on private property (I did manage to get a couple of blurry photos before a woman came out and informed me of this!). It can be seen from the footpath, though.

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