15 June 2014

Tutorial: Red hair tie

Here's a quick and easy hair ornament I made in the style of the red ties worn by the maiko, but I made a clip-in verson. I made it at the same time as one of my chirimen tegarami, and from the same fabric.

1. Cut a piece of fabric 3cm x 30cm (this is the same length as the chirimen tegarami but half the width).
2. Fold in half lengthwise with the right side to the inside.
3. Sew along the long edge.
4. Turn right side out (I did this by fastening a safety pin to one end).
5. Sew the ends shut.

6. Tie in a knot.

7. Manipulate the knot over a tiny hair clip, so that the knot hides the clip as much as possible. It would be even better if the clip is the same colour as your hair.

8. Clip to your hair!

1 comment:

onel said...

Another cute accessory. I love this one too :)

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