14 June 2014

Wearing kanzashi

 A recent multicultural day at work was my first opportunity to wear the large tsumami kanzashi I bought in Kyoto. I looked at lots of photos online for hairstyle ideas, and I decided to put my hair in a high ponytail, curl it with a large tong, and backcomb and hairspray it. This held the hairstyle well for the day, although the tangles in my hair took days to untangle! I was worried that the little bells on the kanzashi would drive me crazy, but after a while I didn't notice the sound of them any more!

For most of the day I wore a casual outfit that was somewhat inspired by Harajuku styles. At lunchtime I dressed in my kimono for a while (or rather I quickly put it on, on top of what I was already wearing, without the use of a mirror, which is why it is a bit messy!) and went for a walk around the building so people could see it.

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