27 June 2014

Tutorial: Kanoko

A kanoko is a padded tube of fabric that can be wrapped around or woven through various hairstyles. It's often worn by maiko as part of the momoware (split peach) hairstyle.

Traditionally the kanoko is made from a fabric also called kanoko, with a design of small dots. This symbolises the spots on a baby deer, from which the fabric takes its name. I didn't have kanoko fabric, so I used a pink textured fabric.

Here's how to make one!
1. Cut a piece of fabric 30 inches x 4 inches

2. Cut a piece of wadding 28 inches x 2 inches

3. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the right side together and pin the wadding in place

4. Sew along the long side (it would be easier if the wadding was at the bottom when you are sewing, as I found out!)

5. Turn it out the right way - this is a bit fiddly and may take some time!
6. Fold each end in, gather and sew
7. Thread some embroidery thread through the end and secure in a knot

Now you can experiment and try out different hairstyles using your kanoko! I tied mine around a bun, and found that it was very comfortable and kept the bun tidy and secure. I'd love to try making these in other colours and patterns!


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