26 June 2014

Queen's Baton Relay

Today the Queen's Baton for the Commonwealth Games came through Glenrothes, and I headed out at lunchtime to see it. I drove along from work to the end of Scott Road to park, then set off on foot. There was no sign of any runners, so I ended up walking to just outside the sports centre, where I met some of the staff and pupils from work, waiting for their fellow pupil who was a baton bearer. After a long wait (apparently the baton bearers had gone inside to have their lunch!), finally Robbie Simpson appeared holding the baton, cheered along by the crowd.

I then made the mad dash back to the car to get back to work (in fact I was beating the baton at one stage because I took a shortcut!). Luckily my boss didn't mind me being a bit late (it helped that I bumped into his wife on the way, and she phoned to soften him up!). I'm glad that I went all the way to the sports centre, because the baton was carried in a car through parts of the town.

Shortly after I arrived back at school, my boss saw Robbie coming in to the building, so I was able to quickly print off a copy of one of the photos for him!

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