28 June 2014

Tutorial: mini nihongami

Here's a fun ornament that I made, a paper sculpture of a traditional Japanese hairstyle!

To make one you will need:
Black card
Coloured card scraps
Patterned paper scraps
Silver card scraps
Jewel stickers
Two sewing pins
Something to display the hairstyle on, for example a wooden doll shape like I have used, or a large bead or a small doll

1. Cut out the two large shapes from black card, and cut slits where marked
2. Roll the sides of the base/side piece around your finger, and do the same with the front/back piece
3. Place the base/side piece on the item it will be displayed on, and press the card to mould it to shape
4. Glue the side flaps to the top of this piece
5. Glue the front/back piece on top, and glue the front and back flaps of it in place
6. Make a little parcel from patterned paper
7. Cut out the top piece from black card, and wrap this around the parcel and glue it
8. Glue this on top of the other pieces
9. Push the sewing pins in place
10. Cut the bira bira and kanoko dome pieces from silver card
11. Cut small repeating slits in these, across the bottom of the bira bira and all around the kanoko dome
12. Glue these in place
13. Punch some flower shapes from coloured card, and cut a small notch in each petal
14. Glue the flowers in place
15. Add some small jewel stickers to the flowers and kanoko dome

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