14 September 2009


My latest set of decorations for my Ikea tree are little paper lanterns. Now I have decorations for every season - eggs for spring, paper cranes for summer, lanterns for autumn, and rustic hearts for winter.


Julia V. said...

Hello there~
I've followed your blog a while now, and I've gotta say...it's so lovely! And so cute!!
Your little decorations, drawings and just everything is made with so much love and many details..I'm really impressed.
I especially like your Moleskine about Japan. I'm drawing by myself, and it helped me a lot with the details.
So..Thank you very much!
And I'm curious what will come next~

Besides..those lanterns are really cute =D

Lots of greets,

Emma said...

Thank you so much! Your comment really made my day.

I've been a bit lazy about posting to my blog recently, especially the drawings, but I have a lot of ideas - so keep watching:)

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