13 September 2009

Antiques fair

Some of my favourite finds at an antiques fair yesterday.

My favourite find of the day, in fact, one of my favourite finds of all time, is a set of vintage Japanese nesting dolls (the largest is a Daruma). I was just about to pay for something else when this jumped out at me! I knew I could go home happy after I found this, even if I bought nothing else.

I found it on the same stall as I bought quite a few other things, including the nodding horse which was only £1. It looks like it has an Asian face - anybody know where it comes from?

The perfume spray was found on a stall where I narrowly missed out on another bargain - another lady had just picked up the little Japanese plates I'd looked at earlier - and got them for just £2 each. But I was happy when I got this instead!

My last find of the day was a box with a Japanese scene on the lid, and when the lid is opened a little figure pops up.

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