15 September 2009

Five-a-day bento bag

This is roughly based on Kate's Notebook Lunchbag on Design Sponge. When I saw it I knew I had the perfect fabric.

I made it smaller, because I wanted to use an old pillowcase. Using the pillowcase saved me sewing a lot of the seams! I embroidered the writing rather than using a marker pen, partly because I did not have a fabric marker, and partly because I thought it would look cuter!

The bag is a good size for my Japanese bento box and a piece of fruit, although I didn't really design it that way. I wish I had added some sort of handles, as they would have made it more practical. But I can always add some in the future.

As I did the embroidery it occurred to me that the last time I embroidered text was in my final year at primary school when I made a wall-hanging with the names of many of the pupils in my class, as a leaving present for the teachers. I used a piece of yellow tie-died fabric and embroidered the shape of a flower, with the names as the petals, leaves and stem.

Also as I did the embroidery I found myself thinking of some of Andrea Joseph's illustrations, in particular this one.

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