10 November 2019

Amélie digital illustrations

After seeing Amélie the Musical, and rewatching the film (with only the French subtitles!), I was really in the mood to create some Amélie inspired art. I'd also just finished my 100 day project, in which I'd used a template to create various characters, including Amélie, so I decided to start a new project drawing Amélie's outfits.
I adjusted my template a bit, to make it more elegant, added the face, and perfected the hairstyle. I then drew together some colour palette ideas, then began to draw the outfits.

I'm really pleased with how these illustrations have turned out, and I went on to do an Inktober drawing project inspired by them, which I'll tell you more about soon.
Drawing all the outfits is going to be an ongoing project, as there are quite a few fron the film that I haven't done yet, and I'd like to draw those from the various versions of the musical and some of my own devising too!

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