03 October 2019

Secondhand September

Last month I took part in the Secondhand September challenge on Instagram. This was organised by Oxfam to encourage people to shop secondhand for the month rather than buy fast fashion. 

I decided to go a bit further with the challenge, so I decided to try to: 

1. Not buy any clothes during September-December of this year (not even secondhand) 

2. Only wear secondhand clothes during September 

I also drew all my outfits in my bullet journal. This helped me to see which items I was wearing a lot, and to see what a variety of outfits I was wearing. I also am keeping a tally of how many wears each item of clothing gets. I’ll tell you more about these bullet journal pages later this month. 
One of the items that got a lot of wears was my purple dungaree dress that I’d bought at a kilo sale a year and a half ago, but only worn a couple of times. At the start of the month I got my mum to shorten it to about knee length, and this has made it so much more practical to wear. It’s become one of my favourite things to wear because of its mega pockets! 
I’ve found this month’s challenge a really interesting experiment, and I’ll write more later this month about what I’ve learned from my shopping ban and wearing secondhand clothes! 

If you want to find out more about the challenge or see everyone’s outfits, check out the #secondhandseptember tag on Instagram.

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