01 October 2019

100 Days Project Scotland Show

Earlier this year I took part in the 100 Days Project Scotland, and I created my Hidden Faces project. At the end of last month the artists involved got together to exhibit our work at The Fire Station at Edinburgh College of Art. 
The Fire Station is an amazing space, but as a listed building it has certain challenges (no nails or other fixings in the tiled walls, no red wine on the tiled floor), so we had to be creative in how we displayed our work. 

On the Sunday before the show opened some of us got together to construct some of the displays. On Wednesday, when the show was opening, I took the day off work and headed across to hang my work. It was harder work than I expected, with lots of stretching and bending, but eventually, after an hour, my art was on the wall! 
The opening night was a huge success, with the room buzzing with people. I loved seeing people looking with interest at my art. My absolute favourite was the young girl seen here in the photo with her mum, who immediately spotted and identified Lucy Worsley’s suffragette sash, and Marie Curie, both in the second row of my display. I was so impressed with her knowledge and her ability to notice details (especially when they were so far above her eye level!)
It was so amazing to meet the artists whose work I’d been following for so long, including Fenella, Fiona, Val, Jill, Penny, Ruth, Ellie, and many more. It was lovely to meet the “Messy” family,, whose display of pompoms was just opposite me, especially my almost-namesake Emily!
The show closed on Sunday, and we then took our work down and dismantled things. Huge thanks to Isla who has organised everything so well! It's a fantastic project to take part in, and I'd encourage you to try it next year!

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