08 April 2019

Recently thrifted

I've found some really fun stuff over the past month or so! The painted wooden dolls are Swedish, and are a great addition to my growing collection of folk dolls from around the world! I found them at my local charity shop for just £1.25. They are flat on the back so they can stand back to back, or against a wall. 

I've been wanting to get hold of this game (which I had as a child) for a while after seeing it on a few friends' Instagram photos. I finally treated myself around my birthday. It's just so colourful, and the box and pieces will be great additions to my Instagram photos!
This postcard and brooch were also birthday treats - I found them in one shop in Edinburgh on my birthday! The brooch has a bit of an Art Deco / Clarice Cliff look to it, and I love the colours.


jujupage1 said...

I love your recent thrifts. Especially the game which will add a retro theme to the back of your Instagram photos!

Jenna H. said...

Great post - looks like you found some nice things! That hexagon game looks super fun - kind of like a puzzle. I have never really been a puzzle person until my friends decided to do a 1500 piece one at the beginning of the semester (I'm still not sure why haha but I guess college will do that to you) and it was actually pretty fun!! Will be on the hunt for some cute puzzles next time I hit up the thrift store!
-Jenna ♥
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