25 April 2019

10 ways to bring surprise into your life

One of the ideas that I took from the book Joyful, by Ingrid Fetell Lee, which I read earlier this year, is that having some elements of surprise in your life can be a very joyful thing. Those with boyfriends or husbands may find that they get surprised often with gifts (I wouldn’t know!), but how can you bring surprise into your own life? I’ve come up with some ideas. 

1. Your own personal lucky dip: 

e.g. my Pinvent calendar where I wrapped pin badges then drew one at random to wear each day. You can do this with any small items such as accessories or toys.

2. Time capsule: 

I created a time capsule in an envelope on 29th February 2016 and will open it 4 years later on the 29th February next year. Fill your time capsule with fun little things that you will enjoy seeing when you open it, e.g. concert tickets, postcards, etc, then hide it where you won’t be tempted to open it (keep a note in your diary of where it is, and a reminder to open it!) 

3. Subscription clubs: 

e.g. I signed up for Lucky Dip Club (socks and pins) when it was running, and I’ve also had a subscription to Graze boxes (snacks) 

4. Gift exchanges: 

e.g. I took part in the In Colourful Company secret Santa

5. Pocket surprises: 

Hide shells or stones in the pockets of jackets – the next time you wear the jacket you will be reminded of the time you picked it up. 

6. Random music: 

Play a playlist (or your whole music collection) in a random order. Just don’t do this in your workplace if you have any sweary songs in your collection! 

7. Lucky dip bags: 

The above is from a blogger sale, and I also like getting lucky dip bags at a jewellery shop called Joe in Edinburgh. They are cheap and contain fun items that I can either wear as they are or use in my own creations. Some online sellers do similar things. 

8. Postcard or letter swaps: 

I took part in a postcard swap, and have sent some Postcrossing postcards 

9. Magazine or zine subscriptions: 

I have subscribed to The Simple Things magazine, and to Zabby Allen’s Procrastination Paper. It’s a double surprise because the magazine doesn’t always come on the same day of the month, so you don’t know when it will arrive, and the articles themselves are a surprise. 

10. Random photographs

I have done a "shoot from the hip" photo challenge around my local area where I didn't look through the viewfinder as I shot the photos, and didn't look at the photos until I got home.

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