26 December 2018

Planet pud Christmas cards

I’ve been busy this month and I really struggled to get motivated to start making my Christmas cards, even though I had some idea of what I wanted to make.

My older nephew has been doing a project about space at school, and is loving learning about all the planets in the solar system, so I knew I wanted to base the cards around that, and I also thought about the book The Little Prince.

I sketched out my ideas, and came up with the idea of a Christmas pudding planet, with the icing as the snow-capped pole of the planet and the raisins as craters, a few Christmas trees on the planet’s surface, stars in the sky, and Santa’s sleigh travelling around the rings!

The planet itself was really easy to make, because all I needed was a few large circles in brown with craters punched through the top one, then another in white which was cut to shape. Then it was just a case of adding all the little details. The reindeer was so fiddly that I decided to leave the rest of the sleigh hidden behind the planet!

1 comment:

jujupage1 said...

Such a great idea. The cards look great!

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