24 December 2018

In Colourful Company Edinburgh meetup

Earlier this month I went to Edinburgh to meet up with some folks from the In Colourful Company online community. December is a busy time of year, and it was absolutely miserable weather, so only four of us made it along, but we had a lovely time. 
I’d been following Franca online for almost 10 years, after coming across her in the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr, so it was amazing to meet up with her at last when she organised this get-together. It was also lovely to see Christina, who I’d met on the Glasgow walk, and get a chance to chat to her properly. And it was great to meet Kitty too. 

Because the weather was so horrible we had decided to meet at a vegan cafe, Beetroot Sauvage, and not bother with the murals. Maybe we’ll do that in the spring when the weather is better! The food was delicious. I had a croissant filled with avocado and scrambled tofu – it has really inspired me and I’ve been trying out some tofu scramble recipes at home! 
Topics of conversation ranged between sexism, veganism, crafts, pets, archaeology, and much more. I went with great plans of taking lots of photos, but I ended up having so much fun chatting that my camera stayed in my bag and I only took a few photos with my phone!

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jujupage1 said...

I've heard of tofu scramble, everybody is saying that its really nice. Perhaps I'll give it a try myself. Love In Colourful Company, I've been following them on Instagram and love what they do!

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