06 August 2018

Beano exhibition

I had fun on a recent visit to the exhibition all about the Beano comic which is taking place in Dundee at the moment. By complete coincidence, I was actually wearing a stripey dress (although this is absolutely the sort of thing I'd have done on purpose if I'd thought of it!). The McManus Gallery in Dundee has been renamed The McMenace for the duration of the exhibition.

There were all sorts of things on display including pages from the comic, and memorabilia. My favourite was the Dennis the Menace and Gnasher badges that my brother used to have - I can still remember the feeling of the fuzzy bits on the Gnasher badge!

I also really enjoyed playing around with the speech bubbles that they had available. It would have probably have been easier if I'd had someone to take my photo as it was difficult to fit them in the frame when taking selfies!

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