08 August 2018

Dundee Howff cemetery

The Howff is a very old cemetery, right in the middle of Dundee. I'd always planned to visit it, because some of my mum's ancestors are buried there, but I hadn't realised just how easy it was to get to. I had been visiting the McManus Gallery, and it's very close to there.
The cemetery is a real haven of tranquility, right in the middle of the city. There are beautiful old gravestones, with lovely carvings on them, and there are lots of flowers growing around the place, attracting bees and butterflies.
It was a stunningly sunny day when I visited, and it would be interesting to go again on a damp misty day for a totally different atmosphere.
Unfortunately I didn't find the gravestones of any family members, but I'll keep looking next time I visit!

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