25 May 2018

Sea pottery mosaic brooch

I thought it would be fun to put some of my tiny pieces of sea pottery to a good use, so I decided on a brooch.
I had some grout left over from a mosaic kit I got in a charity shop, a wooden circle left over from a dollshouse kit, and a brooch pin, so I had everything I needed!
1. I started by laying out my pottery pieces on a wooden circle, to create a pleasing design. 

2. Once I'd decided on the placement, I glued them in place with PVA glue.

3. As the glue was drying I mixed the grout.

4. I spread the grout over the whole design, including round the edges, and wiped some of the excess off.

5. After the grout had dried a little, I wiped the rest of the excess off.

6. I glued a brooch pin on the back.
The whole thing took less than an hour to make, and it was all dry and ready to wear on my Seasalt dress the next day! I can't wait to gather more tiny pieces in different colours to make more jewellery!

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