28 January 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Reading trackers

One of my favourite activities is reading, so it was natural that I would use my bullet journal for some book-related lists and trackers. 
To-read list:
This is a list of the books I have on my shelves (or on my kindle) that have still to be read, as well as those that I have started reading and not finished yet. It's in the form of a bookshelf where each book is coloured in as I read it. I am finding it a good way of keeping track of what I have to read, and it encourages me to finish books as if I don't they will forever be un-coloured-in!
Books read:
On the page opposite this I have a graph of the number of books I have read each year. I started keeping a list of what I read when I got my kindle in 2012. The number had been dropping each year so I thought seeing the graph would be a good encouragement to read more. And I love the fact that it goes right up to 2035 - by which time I'll maybe be retired and reading a whole lot more!

Chalet School re-read:
I wanted a visual idea of how I was progressing with my Chalet School re-read (other than the fact I'm moving the books out of my bedroom as I finish them!), so I started this spread to track my progress. As well as colouring them in as I finish them (the colours represent the different locations the books are set in), I'm adding the date I start each book. Looking at how far through I am, it now looks like I'm on track for finishing my re-read within a year of starting.
I also have ideas for some other book-related pages: a list of books I want to read but haven't bought yet, some pages similar to the Chalet School one for other series, a list of my favourite books, and so on.

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