26 August 2017

Living Room makeover

Here are some photos of my living room in its almost-finished state! Since I took these photos last week there have been a few additions, like a single sofa-bed-chair, and some frames to hang books on the wall, but I'll share some photos of them soon.

Here's a reminder of what I've done to the room:
Painted three walls and ceiling white
Painted one wall a warm grey
Reduced height of sideboard and painted drawers
Replaced black shelves, table and chairs with white
Added a new rug, throws and cushions
Added a gallery wall
Made a Mount Fuji canvas
Added a small side table by the door
Painted a small wall-shelf turquoise
Got a funky clock
Hung some cute plaques from Tiger on the wall
And generally arranged and dressed the room

1 comment:

Kezzie said...

It really looks lovely!! :-)
We are waiting to buy a house but our vendors just can't find a house and I just long to make somewhere our own!

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