23 August 2017

Dr Neil's Garden

I'd been meaning to visit Dr Neil's Garden in Duddingston for ages, after seeing lovely photos on Instagram, but hadn't got round to it until recently. 
I jumped off my bus from Fife on Princes Street, and, after popping into a few shops, headed up the Bridges, grabbing a coffee and croissant from Patisserie Valerie along the way. I stopped to eat this in Nicholson Square Gardens, but found seating sadly lacking (the one bench was occupied) - I'm sure there used to be more seats!

It didn't seem to take any time at all to reach Holyrood Park, but the walk through the park took a while in itself! Luckily there were lovely views of Duddingston Loch as I went along, and it was a gloriously sunny day.
Dr Neil's Garden was beautiful. It slopes down towards the loch, and has lots of different paths and seating areas. It was actually founded by a husband and wife who were both doctors, so perhaps it should be Dr Neils' Garden! 
I was fascinated by the Physic Garden in their memories which is planted with medicinal plants. These are based on the specialities of the two doctors Neil, his being ear, nose and throat, and hers gyno-urinary - it was fun to try to spot plants that could treat various symptoms I sometimes have!
One of the loveliest parts of the garden is the pond, with a little Japanese-style bridge across it. When I was there, three people were carrying out work in the pond, so I had to be quite creative with my photography to get good pictures of it! There were also various performers for a Fringe show rehearsing in the garden - it was strange to come across a man who seemed to be talking to himself!
After leaving the garden I had a quick look at some allotments by the loch, then wandered around the church with its lovely old gravestones, and had a look at a wildlife area by the loch.

Then it was the long walk back! I probably should have caught a bus, but there were a few shops I wanted to look at along the way, so I just went on foot!

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Kezzie said...

This place is sublime!!!!

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