18 July 2017

Glenrothes Comic Con

Last month I went to my first ever comic con! I didn't really know what to expect, but it was just down at the town centre and it only cost £1, so I had nothing to lose by going along and finding out what it was all about!
Although I like comics, I would never describe them as one of my greatest obsessions, which is why I'd never gone to a comic con before. But it turns out that there is so much more on offer than just comics - sci-fi, zines, books, pins, independent artists, people in interesting outfits, and tasty snacks - all of which are things that I'm a bit more obsessed with!

Although there were a lot of people dressed in great outfits, I didn't actually get round to photographing any of them. I prefer to take candid photos rather than posed ones, and at a comic con you have to get people's permission to photograph them, which tends to lead to more posed photos.
I didn't have anything cosplay-ish to wear myself, so I contented myself with wearing my Disney t-shirt which is in a comic style, and added my Miffy bag and some matching yellow nails, with dots on them which were inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's art. And it just so happened my colour scheme matched the flyer and wristband perfectly too!
My first stop was the stall of Neil Slorance, whose work I follow online, having met him once at a zine making workshop run by my friend Marceline. Of course, one of my purchases from him had to be the ghost zine that had its beginnings at that very workshop!
One of the main things I was looking forward to purchasing was the Manatea pin by Super Cute Awesome Stuff, to add to my tea themed pin collection. And, because I'd just been diagnosed with fibroids a few days earlier, I got a Cuterus badge!
The Flimsy the kitten zine by Rachael Smith was really cute, so I had to get that, and I got a free Flimsy badge with it too! The Mighty Women of Science Alphabet Book was a must-have, combining my loves of science and illustration, and a bit of feminism too! And I also got a Totoro headband and some Gandalf's Ginger Fudge!

After the comic con there was plenty of time to look round the shops, then I headed home for a relaxing afternoon reading my zines and tucking in to the fudge. And I saw a Harley Quinn waiting at the bus stop at the end of my street!

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