21 July 2017

Decorated notebooks

I had started a couple of new Moleskine Cahiers to take notes on a couple of subjects, and I always like to decorate them with coloured pencils so that I can tell them apart.

I had started a re-read of the Chalet School books a few months ago, because my collection is almost complete, so I started a notebook to help me remember which book comes next (there are about 60 in the series), and to keep track of the characters and major events. I based my drawing on the original cover of the book Jo Returns to the Chalet School, which shows the school, lake, and mountains. Unfortunately my hardback copy is missing the front of its dustcover, so I had to turn to the internet for reference!
The other notebook is for everything to do with my current medical issues - I've just been diagnosed with fibroids and will be having a hysterectomy later in the year. This will be my first time in hospital, and it's a major operation, so I've got lots of lists to make of what I need to take with me, and my exercise and eating plans to get me back to full health! The cover of this notebook features a character I doodled on a post-it note one day, Phyllis the Fiendish Fibroid!
If you'd like some more ideas for decorating your Moleskine covers (or any other notebooks), I have some here.

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