29 June 2017

This month I have been mostly...

It's been a crazy busy month! I've been to so many interesting events! May and June always seem to be the time of year that there are lots of fun things going on, and I couldn't even do everything I wanted to do!

I attended the 40th anniversary of my primary school, where I was one of the first Primary 1 pupils. This was an amazing experience - within moments of walking into the school I'd been stunned to meet the two friends I most wanted to see again, who I'd completely lost touch with since high school and uni, and our very first teacher!
The day after that I went out for a meal with friends, and the day after that it was the Edinburgh Blogger Conference, which was another amazing event and a great chance to meet and network with lots of interesting people including Chrissie of the Dunfermline Tea Society, who has become a great friend through Instagram so I felt like I already knew her! I'll write more about the blogger conference next month.
I started the month with a 5km Race for Life at work (at which I was also the official photographer!), and by reaching 200 followers on Instagram (and I'm ending the month creeping up on 250!).
I've been to the Meadows Festival, Edinburgh College of Art degree show, and to Glenrothes Comic Con, there's been a general election (which involved a bit of set-up at work as the games hall was being used for one of the counts), I've been to hospital for an ultrasound scan and got diagnosed with fibroids, been to a couple of mindfulness workshops at college, and I've finally finished my TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (graduation will be later in the year).

I've been taking part in the #colourmyeveryday challenge on Instagram which has been organised by Adventures and Tea Parties. This has been great fun and a good way of getting to know lots of people from various fields on Instagram - it's not just crafty people but fashion bloggers and people with general Instagram accounts. I've really loved the variety of things I've been seeing there.

It's been a great but really exhausting month, and now I feel the need for rest! I'm continuing the re-read of the Chalet School books I started last month, and have read nine of them so far! And I found one in a charity shop.

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