26 June 2017

Meadows Festival

Attending the Meadows Festival was a last-minute decision. I'd really been planning to go to Hidden Door that day, but I changed my mind the day before after hearing of the Meadows Festival. I hadn't ever heard of it before, but it turned out to be just my sort of thing, pretty much a huge flea market along with food stalls and a bit of music too!

Although there had been a bit of rain forecast, it turned out to be glorious sunshine for the few hours that I was there. I started to worry about getting sunburnt and wondered whether I should look for a parasol or hat!
I'd heard of the Meadows Festival because of @poorlittlenell who I met last year at BlytheCon UK in Edinburgh, and who I follow on Instagram. When I came across her stall it was her mum I initially met, but I came back later and we were able to have a nice chat. I also couldn't resist buying a doll I'd seen on her Instagram the night before!
I was really excited to find two identical Ceard pendants on one stall. This is a make that Mum and I both collect. When I found out they were only £3 each I got both of them, so we have one each! It took a bit of asking around on Facebook to find out that the building depicted on them is Falkirk Steeple.
I also bought a few other things from other stalls - a lovely tin, and a brooch with the Queen's initials on (which also happen to be mine, which is handy!). And I got some lovely food from a vegan food stall which helped to sustain me through the day.
The rest of the day was spent at the Edinburgh College of Art degree show, and having a little look at the Union Canal which I'd never actually seen before! I will go back for a better look sometime. And I got a lovely vegan cheesecake from Grams just before I went for my train. Unfortunately it was a bit lopsided by the time I got it home!

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